In the competitive world of today’s industry, success is not a matter of chance. Three vital factors (i.e. Customer’s satisfaction, R&D and over 15 years of experience) have own INTEGRAL its position for outstanding quality and service.


INTEGRAL offers the largest range of Expansion Joints to meet customer’s specific requirements and our comprehensive after sales back-up underscores the same dedication to customer satisfaction which has always served us in good stead.


Used for many years under the most trying conditions, we provide an effective solution to problems relative to the design of a wide variety of ducting systems and are continually finding new applications.


INTEGRAL MAKE “EXOFLEX” Expansion Joints carry an unmistakable identity of the workers with his product and an unfailing commitment on his part to build each joint flawlessly. Till date, we have an unchallenged record of a zero percentage operational failure rate a testimony to the high standards that people in INTEGRAL set for themselves.


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