Fabricated Expansion Joints

INTEGRAL designed fabric expansion joints are flexible, reinforced elastomers which are used inducting system. INTEGRAL designs fabric expansion joints as per customer's requirements at its computer aided design facility based on the design parameters, provided by the customers.

Metallic Expansion Joints

INTEGRAL offers all types of Metallic Expansion Joints. Each types has advantages and limitations, when applied correctly, can provide Flexibility, Load reduction, Structural integrity and Reliability as desired in a piping system.

Rubbers Expansion Joints

INTEGRAL offers Rubbers Expansion Joints designed to provide stress relief in ductings systems by absorbing movement caused by thermal changes. REJs also act as vibration isolators, shock absorbers.


INTEGRAL offers a full line of rugged, reliable dampers of different types to provide critical man - safe isolation and / or control of airflow in utility, refinery, power plant, cement plant and industrial process applications.

Rotary Air Lock Valve

Integral make rotary air-lock valve, designed to suit the duty conditions / design parameters as specified by the clients. it is an exception of its own kind. It is a robust kind of equipment, long lasting and ensures satisfactory performance.